English 3. To Visit the Albaicin and the Sacromonte neighbourhoods

The Albaicín (World Heritage Site) and the Sacromonte are two of the districts with more colour, enchantment and history of the city of Granada.

To wonder around the Albaicín is to make a trip to its moriscs roots in as well as an enjoyment for the senses. To cross its labyrinth of narrow streets perfumed of blossom smell, to contemplate the gardens of cármenes (its typical houses) or to accompany an aromatic tea with delicious Arab sweets, are experiences that the visitor does not have to miss. Ivies and bougainvilleas hung from whitewashed walls. In their interior, beautiful gardens, cultivated areas and fruit trees turn the cármenes in small farmhouses. In them there is exuberance and a colourful atmosphere in which their streets participate as well. Also from this neighbourhood, precious views of the Alhambra, of the city and the fertile plain can be contemplated, as we can verify in, for example, the viewpoints of San Nicholas and San Cristóbal.

The Sacromonte neighbourhood is famous by its caves, in which the gypsies continue celebrating every night their flamenco songs and dance celebrations. It was here where the gypsies who came with the Catholic Kings troops when they conquered the city settled. The craftsmen worked the wicker, the forge and the copper, and the artists establish the roots of flamenco. Here the traditional zambra was born, as well as native dances and songs like the mosca or the capucha.

The main monument of the Sacromonte is its Abbey, where relics and testimonies of the first Christians of Granada are conserved and, among them, the first bishop of the city: San Cecilio. The Centre of Interpretation of the Sacromonte also allows knowing the history of the neighbourhood