2. To Visit the Park of Sciences of Granada

To visit the Park of Sciences is to enter a different world. A world where the visitor will have the knowledge of the science history on the tip of his fingers.

A place where it will be able to participate in that wisdom through experiments made by the most prodigious minds of the planet. It will be able to verify the principle of Archimedes, to play with the light and the sound, to experience with the electricity and the erosion or to understand the Earth movement visually.

The Park of Sciences has a permanent exhibition that it offers as interesting proposals as the Biosphere Room, where we can learn more about the human DNA or how the life in the planet began. The visitor also will be able to go inside a giant kaleidoscope in the Perception Room, to experience the wind force in the Eureka Room or to know the legacy Al-Andalus in a specific room for the history of the Spanish-Muslim state, which was a bridge between continents and cultures.

Of-course-there-is-also-a-place-where the kids (from 3 to 7 years old) will be able to play and to experiment with science: the Explore Room.

Also, temporary exhibitions approach to the public the day to day of sciences in a practical and didactic way, as well as interesting biological proposals and some related to the environment.

But the Park of Sciences is not only this. The Planetarium has a capacity for 83 people and is covered by a celestial vault of 10 meters of diameter on which they project more than 7,000 stars, limit of the human sight in a clear night. In case it was not enough, an astronomical garden to follow the trajectories of the sun and the stars or a beautiful Butterfly section turns this complex in the-most-visited-museum-of-Andalucía.

In order to make this experience complete, the museum has monitors and entertainers to solve any doubt the visitor may have. Besides, the arranged groups or schools could be received in an assembly hall where the general aspects and the organization of the visit can be explained.