9. To Go Shopping


 To Go Shopping

Granada is an ideal place to go shopping. To let you take and cross its streets visiting stores and markets is an attractive and colourful form to make contact with its culture and its people.

Land of craftsmen, the people from Granada are expert in making products like the artisan guitars, the pottery and the marquetry, luxurious wood work of detail decorating; furniture, boxes or any object with geometric drawings formed by hundreds of very small pieces of bone, silver, and wood. The Nasrid art has been reflected in some of its manufacturing techniques as it can be appreciated in Spanish cabinets, in cases, frames, chairs, tables, coffers, etc. The pottery conserves some Nasrids and andalusies arts that are shaped in jars, plates and pitchers decorated with green and blue colours. The neighbourhood of the Albaicín is the area of Granada that concentrates more craftsmen.

In the capital, the city centre streets are suitable to go shopping: Alhóndiga, Ganivet Angel, Great Via, Mesones, Plaza de Bib-Rambla, Recogidas, Reyes Catolicos and Zacatín, to mention some. In Granada modern and wide commercial centres with numerous stores exist. Another interesting area to go shopping is the area of Plaza Nueva, in the side streets of the Caldereria Nueva and the Caldereria Vieja. Their shops are adapted to the western tastes, but still and Arab scent can be breath due to its Nasrid perfume stalls, natural cosmetics and clothes of the sixties. In old zoco of the Alcaicería the stores with the most typical memories of Granada can be found. In Cuesta de Gomérez the guitars workshops and the marquetry craftsmen are located.

To go to the street markets is an amusing and colourful way to go shopping. The one of the Plaza Larga is in the Albaicín, between Cuesta of the Alhacaba and the Panaderos Street. There, between terraces of bars and benches with good shade, there is a daily street market of flowers and fruits. The one of the Chana neighbourhood is celebrated every Wednesday morning and flowers, fruits and clothes are sold. In the Zaidín, the most populated neighbourhood of the capital organizes every Saturday a wide street market. And the one of the Cartuja, in the Almanjayar polygon, is every Sunday morning, and fruits, vegetables, clothes and shoes can be found.